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Countries with primarily service-based economies are considered to be more advanced than countries with primarily industrial or agricultural economies.  It is this finding that lies at the genesis of “Partner Holdings” which seeks to carve a niche for itself in the competitive service industry.  Partner Holdings in the parent organization which operates as an “angel funding company” by investing in the businesses listed below.  We seek to work with our customers to enhance the corporate value of the stakeholders involved.  Our programs are directed at helping our clients become more competitive and focused on operational excellence in their quest for improved customer satisfaction. 

Partner Holdings has a major stake along with control of operations of the services under its umbrella.  The businesses listed will have independent stakeholders who will be accountable and in charge of their respective business vertical.  However, Partner Holdings will be the diversified holding company that owns and operates the following business units:

The Need

There are several services and products required for the public, corporates and the general and the general user in our country. These are several induviuals who have the skill to design and deliver such services and products. They are the young entrepreneurs who can change the future of our economy. Then there are potrntial entrepreneurs who bare passionate about proving themselves but have no idea how to go about it.

It is the simmering ideas within these induviduals that need a filip. Their ambitions need to be fuelled.

They also eventually have to take care of their survival..
What is mankingd worth if we don't help each other after all....


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Market Focus
The need exists in several areas, but the current focus will be services industry, trading
Minimal Investment
Small business requires very minimal investment ranging ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakh
PH Services
PH will provide evaluations of business, plans, work on the funding....
News & Updates

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