Company Overview

PARTNER HOLDINGS is a fund manager for induviduals who wish to support these entrepreneurs who have the ability to transform their ideas to raelly and sustain their business to enable its growth to a desiable level.

PH is closely held and is a sole properirtory company with the management having critical and valuble experience in starting, running and growing business in the service industry, manufacturing and industry.

With making available a minimal funding of Rs. 2.50 lakhs, PH is desirous to support the smallest entrepreneur whose success means a lot to him, his family and those who depend on him / her. PH will not be a micro-finace company, but willbe a partner in these entrepreneurs' progress.

Hand holding during the start up will be an responsibility of PH.

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Market Focus
The need exists in several areas, but the current focus will be services industry, trading
Minimal Investment
Small business requires very minimal investment ranging ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakh
PH Services
PH will provide evaluations of business, plans, work on the funding....
News & Updates

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