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Lead Hospitality

This is a consultancy and training company for the service industry, prioritizing on hotels, hospitals, airports and companies.  It intends providing end-to-end consultancy to our clients with respect to maintenance and upkeep of internal and external environment of the organization, building maintenance, general housekeeping and overall facilities management. 

Why Lead Hospitality? So how are we different from other existing service providers in this area?  We intend going a step further and assisting our clients in :

  • Evaluating the need for outsourcing in these critical areas of servicing
  • The viability of such decisions
  • The creation of SOPs and SLAs for drafting the agreement with the service provider
  • Building in appropriate budgeting and monitoring mechanisms

As a training company we intend focusing on grooming the employees in core maintenance and housekeeping skills along with soft skills like communication, inter-personal skills and team-building.  What will make our training unique will be the provision of on-line education, training and certification programme for frontline customer service personnel in retail, hospitality and others in the service industry.  This is perhaps a first of its kind endeavour in the service sector.


Giving due credence to the pace of work that now happens in organizations, we are convinced that the traditional service model established decades ago is neither sufficient nor viable for addressing the unique and changing needs of organizations with respect to housekeeping and maintenance.  

Our answer to address this imminent need is HYGENIUS, a simple trading company which will source, stock, distribute materials and chemicals used for housekeeping and maintenance and also service the tools and machines used for such work.  The edge we seek to provide is customer interface with the manufacturer and technical assistance in product usage and monitoring.


Simply put this will be a Quality Audit Service to ensure that the standards set by the organization with respect to its maintenance and housekeeping processes are stringently adhered to not only by the end users but also by the outsourced agencies associated with them.  This will be a comprehensive service encompassing measurable quality service levels of

  • Cleanliness in office upkeep and maintenance
  • Hygiene in food business
  • Safety standards in utility areas of buildings

Qualicheck would provide analytical Quality Audit services with extra emphasis on :

  • Preliminary study to understand existing practices
  • Bridging gaps between requirements and awareness
  • Root cause analysis
  • Offering effective solutions for consistent execution of processes to achieve desired quality levels

Process : We shall flag off by a rigorous study of the prevalent execution practices, expected key result areas, relevant benchmarks, current performance and output.  Causal analysis will be done to identify gaps and due recommendations would be presented to and discussed with the Management to arrive at a revised action plan.  Subsequently independent audit would be carried out to assess results of teams involved including those of service providers.  The timeframes and reviews would be an integral part of our teamwork.

Cause Events

Gone are the days when any family function or organizational get together was a mind boggling activity of all members concerned – be it the young or the old in the family and across hierarchy in the work place.  Now these are not ‘happenings that just take place’ but are ‘events that are well chalked out and conducted’ so that they become yardsticks of comparison internally and amidst external competition.  That is where our ‘Cause Events’ steps in as an event management company willing to take up any of the following :


  • Wedding planning
  • Corporate outing
  • Corporate events
  • Public concerts
  • Alumni get together in institutions

While as an organization we may be one among many in this business, our positioning is unique when it comes to where we direct the funds raised through this effort.  We direct our revenues from this to Need Trust, our NGO that is engaged in the empowerment and employment of the disabled and for taking care of terminally ill patients. 


“Anantara” is our passionate musical band with a penchant for presenting multi-lingual melodies that can reach out to a wide cross-section of audience,

young and old.  The well trained musicians and instrumentalists are capable of taking you on a journey of yester years’ melodies of Bollywood, Tamil, English, Telugu and Kannada movies.  It also specializes in presenting high quality fusion dance – modern and classical, stand-up comedy and mimicry.


Spelt a few syllables differently from the above, this offers a splendid forum for the above and other such identical events.  Yes “Antara” is a splendid rehearsal venue for music, dance and theatre. 

Completely sound proof with state-of-the-art acoustics; this is a popular much-sought after venue in Chennai for corporate meetings or music rehearsals.  Patronized passionately by stalwarts and legends like MS Viswanathan, Yesudas, Vani Jayaram, SP Balasubramaniam, and young artists and musicians, this is truly a performer’s paradise.


If you want to ‘live your dream’, you may have to tap your potential;  if you want to fit into your ‘dream dress’ just tap on the doors of ‘Aambara’ and walk out sporting a well tailored, well designed and attractively embroidered outfit! 

We are a garment tailoring unit for women specializing in Kalamkari and embroidery work with seasoned artisans working in unison with disabled persons striving to make you look ‘better than the best’ dress-wise!


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The need exists in several areas, but the current focus will be services industry, trading
Minimal Investment
Small business requires very minimal investment ranging ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakh
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PH will provide evaluations of business, plans, work on the funding....
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