PH will provide evaluations of business, plan, work on the funding requirements, It wil assist in setting up the business and work the entrepreneur in assessing the perfomance periodically to enable anticipate deviations, corrections and keep the folw in the required direction of desired results.

PH belives that an induvidual who is confident of starting a vegetable store and running it successfully, is a qualified entrepreneur...they have the will to operate the business and the will make it sucessful.

Existing Services

The present system exiting for these entrepreneurs is purely banks and investment bankers. Apart form these, the options are private to borrowings as debts at enourmous rates of interests.

Mostly importantly, the existing system caters only to the large and larger investment needs - which - finacncially speaking, would be above Rs. 1 crore...and beyond Rs. 25 crores.

The existing finacial support system shies aways from such small business ventures, for either viability reasons or for distrust...

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Market Focus
The need exists in several areas, but the current focus will be services industry, trading
Minimal Investment
Small business requires very minimal investment ranging ranging from Rs.5 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakh
PH Services
PH will provide evaluations of business, plans, work on the funding....
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